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In the last two years, my cup continues to overflow with what my mom calls “life moments.”

Those moments are not just cool or memorable; they hold special meaning to your life that stay with you as long as you wander around this earth.

If you’re my mom, a life moment was seeing Elvis in concert. Or, when we went to a night of Stephen Sondheim music at the Hollywood Bowl, and Barbra Streisand just popped out of nowhere  on stage. Or when my three siblings and I all graduated from college.

For me, my life moments the last 18 months involved getting married and seeing the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben in one week (with the person I married!). All of it made me feel overwhelmed with happiness, where you try to let every millisecond seep into your long-term memory.  Those moments where you’re not even sure you deserve to be quite this happy.

Thankfully, wonderfully, those moments keep coming for me.

Like my trip to New York two weeks ago.

The stars aligned, and I traveled to New York City for a long overdue trip to see my best friend from college. My sisters came along, and stayed with one of their best friends that they’ve known since elementary school.

We had no wedding, no family event to be at; which is what usually prompts our travel plans. We could just hang out. In New York City. With friends that we love.

We ate a lot, but we laughed even more. As you can tell by my top photo in this post (maybe one of my favorite photos ever), we had a horrible time.

This is where my best friend lives, and where I stayed:


Madison Square Park. The original. The Knicks can’t ruin this place.

Bryant Park with Chorissa. Love her. Love the park areas in the midst of the tall buildings in NYC. I did not love my hair, which was a bit of a situation on this trip.

Dinner in Little Italy with my sisters, Chorissa, Becky and Jason. One of my favorite photos of the trip (Pepper Guy included). Such great people.

Bagels with Cagney and Emily before getting on the Ferry to Ellis Island. Definitely not gluten free, but definitely worth the splurge.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Ellis Island. In the midst of all that is going on lately, it’s a good reminder that America was and is a symbol of hope all around the world.

Central Park with your best friend on a Saturday morning in the spring? Tough to beat.

Talk about a life moment. Cagney, Emily and I can pretty much bust out every song and dance number from the movie Newsies. It may or may not have also been the start of our obsession appreciation of Christian Bale.

So when we saw that Newsies was coming to Broadway in March, we knew we had to go.

Like, had to.

That’s the important thing to remember about life moments. Sometimes they happen unexpectedly. But more often than not, you have to grab the opportunity as soon as it arises.

If not, you could miss out completely on something you’ll carry with you the rest of your life.

What are your life moments? What are life moments you have yet to experience? Try and make them happen sooner rather than later.

I can tell you from experience; it will make your heart happy.