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Oh, it’s a big day ‘round these parts.

Few things rank higher in importance than the Los Angeles Dodgers in this house (God is a close second. Just kidding God!). I mean, you’re talking to the girl who took her engagement photos at Dodger Stadium.

(Photo taken by Brienne Michelle Photography)

Even my blog name plays on a phrase about a former Dodgers player.

With yesterday’s announcement that—pending approval—the Dodgers will be sold to a group that includes Magic Johnson, who needs no introduction, the baseball world seems like a much brighter place.

My family instilled me with a love of the Dodgers since birth. Now, Bryan and I go to Dodgers games roughly a dozen times over the baseball season. We don’t live too far from the stadium, where we saw our relationship bloom in those warm spring and summer nights in 2009.

Dodger Stadium was one of the places I felt most at home in Los Angeles; one of the places that holds countless precious memories from my life. But in the last couple of years—last year especially—the soul of the place vanished.

That tends to happen when there is a beating in the parking lot on opening day handled horribly by the Dodgers ownership. Oh, and that same owner goes through a bitter, public divorce and you find out how much money he throws around on his own life and consequently, how much money he’s not throwing towards the team.

Last season, Bryan and I only went to games only when we landed free tickets, because we couldn’t bear the thought of giving current/almost-former owner Frank McCourt another cent. We parked way outside the stadium and walked in so we didn’t have to pay for parking. I watched many others take the same approach.

Matt Kemp put up crazy numbers last year, and Clayton Kershaw won the Cy Young. It should have been an exciting, historic year. But it never felt good to watch the Dodgers in 2011. It almost felt slimy. Like participating in any way justified what McCourt was doing. Or, you know, not doing.

But as I write this, the sun rises on Wednesday, March 28. I imagine Dodger fans everywhere feel adark ugly cloud lifting. Finally, just maybe, Major League Baseball has picked an owner that will do the Dodgers some good.

Finally, just maybe, Dodger fans can feel that one thing we haven’t felt in a while.