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This post’s title refers to one of my favorite movie lines ever.

“Find out who you are. And try not to be afraid of it.”

Those words came from Josie Geller (played by the eternally-wise Drew Barrymore)  in the critically acclaimed “Never Been Kissed.”

OK, the movie wasn’t critically acclaimed. But Michael Vartan stars in it. This movie came out when I was 16. That’s all the “acclaim” I needed.

Lately, I have been noticing—mostly in myself—that we don’t spend nearly enough time figuring out who we are. We just obsess over who we are not. And we let it define us.

But you know what? It’s OK to not be good at something.

WHEW! That feels so good to say out loud!

It’s OK to not be good at something because whether you are aware of it or not, you are good at something else. Probably a few somethings else, actually.

This presents a tough lesson for me in several areas of my life.

One of the most superficial ones has been hard for me to swallow lately;  I can’t make anything pretty.

At times, I feel like every other girl has this gift but me. You know, the friend that pulls in some weeds from outside and turns that into this cool interpretation of Monet’s Water Lilies. Or the friend that says something like, “yeah, and I found this red piece of cloth at a garage sale for 25 cents. And I ended up decorating my whole apartment around that.”

And to make it worse, they have flawlessly beautiful handwriting which they use in their cute and crafty homemade cards.

I hate those friends. I love them. But I hate them.

This isn’t Modest Mandy time. Truly, no amount of effort on my end will ever make me good at that sort of stuff. You are talking to the girl whose mom and co-workers have fired her from doing any cutting on any projects. My mom is a fifth grade teacher. My cutting should at least be on par with her students. It’s honestly not.

Despite that, I continued to fight it, determined that somehow I could be good at this sort of stuff.  When my husband and I returned from Europe in early December, I almost bought this fancy scrapbook/photo album. I had grandiose ideas of making this beautiful scrapbook of our trip that would wow everyone and  make them see I’m Cutesy Scrapbooking Girl.

Then I had an epiphany, right where most people do;  in  Target.

I’m not Cutesy Scrapbooking Girl. I’m just not.

It reminded me of the part in “Never Been Kissed” when Josie’s brother makes her scream, “I’M NOT JOSIE GROSSIE ANYMORE!!”

You can say it, you can scream it, but you have believe it.

Finally, I could believe it. I don’t have to be good at everything. It’s OK to be good at the things I like being good at, and not care too much about the rest.

My photo album of choice ended up being one where I could stick my photos in the book and write a little blurb next to each photo if I want to.

That is more like it! That is more…me.

What else is more me? Taking some photos and some ticket stubs from our Europe trip and sticking them on this cute photo board I bought at Cost Plus World Market (pictured at the top of the post).

My crafting abilities pretty much drop off from there.

With my new-found freedom, I plan on spending my time enjoying what I do well.

That would be writing. Cooking (sort of).  Knowing almost every player on every Major League Baseball roster. Making Bryan laugh. Rapping with Ludacris on his part in Usher’s song “Yeah.”

With all of that impressive stuff under my belt, I’ll leave the making things pretty to someone else.

I’ll keep on writing. And cooking (sort of). And knowing almost every player on every Major League Baseball roster. And making Bryan laugh. And rapping Luda’s part in “Yeah.”

That’s who I am. And I’m not afraid of it.