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This may or may not have been one of the first things I googled when we decided to go gluten free.

One week of gluten-free eating on the books and we have already learned a ton.

The top thing we’ve learned: most of what you casually toss in your mouth without a thought probably contains some gluten.

The whole process takes a lot of searching, label reading and question asking. Eating out presents a huge challenge. Even salad dressings have gluten sometimes.

I’ve never googled so much in my life; and that’s coming from a former (recovering?) journalist.

But you know, maybe that’s what all of us should be doing anyway.

If we asked more questions about our food in this country, maybe we wouldn’t be in the health crisis we’re in. Food products might not contain gluten as a filler, or many other ingredients that our body doesn’t need anyway (hydrolyzed vegetable protein anybody?).

Over the last couple of years, I tried to stick to the rule that if there were more than five ingredients on the label, I probably need to leave that item on the grocery store shelf.

Now, that seems to be refining more everyday. Even then, if the ingredient list says things like “natural flavors” or “artificial flavors” those “ingredients” might contain gluten.

Thankfully, Bryan and I are in a position where it doesn’t make him sick if he consumes gluten. It’s probably just better for his joints that he doesn’t ingest it at a high level. But for people with Celiac or people who simply have a sensitivity to gluten, the smallest amount can make them very ill. They have to be on their guard at all times.

For now, I’m glad that the following foods are gluten free (in their organic state):

-Peanut Butter (I would cry if this had gluten)




-Ice cream

-My mom’s chili

-Corn tortillas

And, since corn tortillas don’t have gluten, we can still have chips and salsa all the live long day. Amen.