Maybe my best friend is right.

She says that she doesn’t feel like making resolutions until the spring, when life feels renewed.

I have to admit, it does seem odd to try and make all these life changes when really, if you were honest, you just want to hunker down under a blanket and eat cookie dough with a cup of coffee until the weather warms up.

Oh…is that just me?

Anyhow, this apparently when we’re supposed to do it, so  I’m going against my best friend and making some resolutions as we now stare 2012 in the face.

First, I’ll steal her resolution that she makes every year: I want to treat people better than I did the year before. This is a good one that can never be perfected but is always worth the effort. This goal goes towards my husband, my family, friends, co-workers and anyone I might come into contact with.

 Make time for what I enjoy doing. This includes reading 30 minutes a day—no matter what—cooking and writing more consistently.  I feel more fulfilled when I’m making time for the hobbies I enjoy. When I feel like all I do is work and come home, it makes me feel overwhelmed. It’s really a matter of making time for things. Not just saying, “I’m too busy to…” Making more time to pray and read my Bible is on that list too.

 Be a scheduling fiend. For some people, this is a bad thing. Not for me. If I sit and plan my week out, I stick to my schedule and get way more done. If I play it by ear, I’ll come home, make dinner, watch TV and fall asleep. This feeds into No. 1. If I set a basic schedule for myself, I’ll make more time to do what I enjoy doing and I’ll also get more of the little things done, which I usually avoid until  have a mammoth stack of little things to take care of.

My goal is to write in this space every weekday in 2012. It’s going to be difficult;  maybe hovering around impossible. But I’m going to give it a shot.