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This weekend turned out to be a marathon, not a sprint.

Or, maybe I sprinted marathon. As I sip my coffee this morning, it kind of feels that way.

Normally, I loathe busy weekends. Once the work week is over,  I barely want to move on Saturday. That day is really our only day to rest, since we pack our Sundays with church commitments.

So usually, I’d be a little cranky about starting work today when I haven’t had a minute to stop and relax all weekend.

But actually, I feel the opposite of cranky. I feel content…refreshed.

My husband and I had the opportunity to spend time with several friends this weekend, all doing things they love. It’s just plain energizing.

On Saturday morning, I went to pottery sale of a friend at church. She and a few of her colleagues put together this sale once a year of their beautiful work. Truly, it’s incredible to see what people can make with their own two hands.

In the early evening, we went to a friend’s apartment to watch the LSU-Alabama football game. Our friend happens to be a huge LSU fan (as if there is any other kind of LSU fan), so it was fun to watch with someone with such a vested interest in the outcome of that low-scoring slugfest.

On Saturday night, we went with a friend to see a show of a band he likes. A music fan to his core, we watched him in his element: listening to rock music.

And to top the whole weekend off, on Sunday evening one of my favorite friends from childhood got married.

Nothing energizes me  like seeing old friends and witnessing the love in the room on a wedding day.

So here’s to hoping your busy weekend made your heart as happy as mine.