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Photo by Brienne Michelle Photography

I have to admit something.

My wedding day wasn’t the best day of my life.

Before anyone thinks I’m a horrible person for saying that, let me back up.

On October 9, 2010, our wedding absolutely was the best the day of my life. All the people I care about in the world were there. Many of them were standing beside me as I made my vows to my favorite person in the entire world. I danced to Usher with my bridesmaids.

I left the reception filled with joy, knowing I married the best person I had ever met, who also happened to be perfect for me in every way. I also left the reception with the blessed assurance that I never had to get up and pretend I wanted to catch a bride’s wedding bouquet ever again.

That was truly a world-class, A+ day.

And I thought I’d be one of those people who could say with all confidence and truth, “my wedding day was the best day of my life.”

But then, our honeymoon happened.

We strolled around Vancouver in drizzly rain, ate ridiculously good food, slow danced underneath a quiet staircase in a fancy old hotel, and didn’t have to think about anything else but being together. After getting back home, I remember saying to my mom on the phone, “I already love him exponentially more than I did a week ago.”

There’s no way my wedding day was better than our first week as husband and wife.

A few days after getting home and settling into a normal life for the first time in about 8 months, Bryan and I took a long walk after dinner. Not long after we stepped inside our apartment after the walk, my happiness became too much; I sat on our bed and cried.

There was no way my wedding day was better than starting the rest of my life with Bryan.

Every Monday, I come home on my lunch break and spend it with Bryan, who has that day off. Almost without exception, we eat lunch and then lay on the couch for a few minutes until I have to leave. And every Monday, without exception, Bryan has made me laugh until I cry.

There’s been a trip to Hawaii, numerous date nights, long walks for frozen yogurt, countless baseball games, one failed attempt to put together a dresser, several failed attempts to get Bryan to like movies, multiple disagreements on what articles of clothing should have been tossed a decade ago, more happy memories than I thought possible and about a million dirty dishes that my husband hand washed.

God bless that man.

It’s funny how in life you watch movies and read books that tell you your Knight in Shining Armor is out there, and one day he’ll come rescue you.

Funny how I realized I didn’t want to be rescued. I didn’t need to be rescued. I just wanted to find someone who loved me and could make my world a better place by just sitting on the couch with me.

And let me tell you, that is way, way better than any Knight in Shining Armor.

So thanks Bryan for not being my Knight in Shining Armor. Thanks for making my world a better place by just sitting on the couch with me. And thanks for making the last 365 days infinitely better than what I thought would be the best day of my life.