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I have never been good at the details.

As of today, I own exactly two fashion accessories: a necklace my sister gave me a couple of weeks ago and a bracelet my husband gave me at Christmas this year.

Wedding planning for most women is their dream come true; in many ways it was absolute torture for me. When my best friend from college said to me, “and where do you want the napkins to be on the table?” I nearly had a meltdown. You want me to care about napkins?! I can’t care about napkins. Forget about a seating chart. I would have perished trying to sort out seating for 265 people. The way I see it, everyone at the wedding is a grown up or belongs to a grown up. Everyone should be capable of finding their own seat. If they can’t, that is their problem.

That’s me, bride of the century.

It’s not that I don’t care…details often just overwhelm me.

At my job, most of my responsibilities are highly detail oriented. Some days it makes my head nearly explode. But lately, I’ve been realizing just how important it is to care about the details.

Darn you corporate America.

It’s not just work, however. I see more and more everyday the importance of paying attention to details with people.

What triggered this post? A thank you note from a friend and co-worker.

She didn’t have to. But she wrote one for several people at the office, thanking them before she left this weekend to move across the country and pursue her dream.

I nearly cried when I read the note, it was so kind. And thoughtful. And so…handwritten.

It was a reminder to me that taking time to say thank you matters to people. Paying attention to the details in the lives of those we care about matters.

I see it everyday with my husband. His attention to details makes a difference  in his relationships with his friends, who he works with at church and in our relationship.

My two best friends send me cards every so often to say they are thinking of me. The fact that they take the time to do that always makes me so grateful to have them in my life.

So if you haven’t lately (like I haven’t) send a thank you note to someone who deserves it.

You’ll never regret putting extra time towards the people you care about.