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You know what I really love about food?

Yes, everything. You’re right.

But other than that, I love food because it allows you to really know a person.

Sometimes it allows you to learn that someone doesn’t like peanut butter (and then I immediately stop associating with them. Just kidding….sort of), or that they have a passion for Italian food.

Other times, you just sit over a sandwich and learn about their life. It’s why we share a meal at holidays, weddings, funerals and just about any other significant life moments.

Between being a preacher’s wife and my husband having roughly 1.24 million friends, we get the opportunity to not only meet other people, but to share a meal with them.

Often, we get to do this with people we don’t know that well. Or, someone not in our age group who we wouldn’t normally have a meal with.

There is a lot about being a preacher’s wife that is hard for me, and out of my comfort zone. But I always find sitting down to a meal with someone rewarding.

It also shows someone spending time with them has value to you. Bryan has been teaching a class at church on how we use our time,  and that is the part that has really stuck with me; showing people spending time with them has value to me. My husband is a master at that…I need to work on it.

On Saturday, I spent my morning at a wedding shower, and sat at a table away from my crew that I normally hang out with. On Sunday, my husband and I spent our lunch with two people at church we don’t spend a lot of time with.

You learn so much about what people care about. Interesting stories about where they have gone, and what they have seen.

So, if you haven’t done it lately, go to lunch or dinner with someone that you don’t normally talk to. Whether that’s at work, church, or your neighbor. You won’t regret it.

Unless you find out they don’t like peanut butter.