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A couple of months before Bryan and I got married, I read a magazine article about Jay Leno and his wife Mavis, where they discussed their marriage of 30+ years.

It’s truly a wonderful article, full of great marriage advice. Mavis said she had no plans of getting married before she met Jay.

“Yeah, but the thing with Jay was, from day one, he just saw me. I remember saying that I often felt I was from another planet, that I connected to people but I wished I could meet somebody from my own species. The first time talking to Jay, I said, “Oh! You’re one, too! Hi!”

That sums up my feelings about Bryan exactly.

We view the world the same, which has already paid dividends in our 10+ months of marriage, especially when it comes to money.

Bryan puts it this way: “I don’t like paying for stuff. I’d rather pay for experiences.”

I agree, but it’s always a good reminder for me when Bryan says it. There are so few things we actually need. If you only spend on money on what you need, it frees up your money for some wonderful opportunities.

So, we live in an old apartment without a dishwasher, and our apartment is minimally decorated (plus, asking me to make anything cute and coordinated is asking way too much, but we’re not here to talk about that today). But in our first year of marriage, we’ll have three trips under our belt. For Bryan and I, travel is something we view as worth spending our money on.

We went to Vancouver, Canada for our honeymoon in October. We traveled to Hawaii in May. And in November…Europe!

Europe! Europe!

It will be my first trip across the pond, so I am having a hard time not exploding from excitement.

Today, I just feel blessed we can take this trip and blessed that Bryan and I have similar priorities  on how to spend our money.

Experiences, not stuff.

Words to live by.