Joining two lives together takes a lot more than the preacher saying it is so.

That does cover the spiritual part, but the process of coming together on paper has been so…interesting. And labor intensive. Not in an I-just-carried-stones-up-a ramp-to-build-pyramids intensive, but you know, standing in line for so long you start wondering if you actually would rather put a pen in your eye than stand in this line you currently find yourself in.

(Usually, I would. My patience may or may not be a work in progress.)

First, you have the marriage license. Then, there was the process of changing my last name and getting a new social security card. Once we did that, we could open a bank account together. Then, I needed to get my driver’s license changed. Which was really upsetting, because I actually took a decent photo on my last one. This one, of course, is not as good.

(On a side note, I want to make it my life’s mission to create one thing the guys have to do in this whole process that is lame and/or time-consuming. Women get the shaft.)

Yesterday, on July 31, we cleared one of our final hurdles to being seen as one unit. It was a big one!

My cell phone plan finally expired, so we finally started a cell phone plan together!

We’re like, so official!

Yes, at 28 years old, we are really becoming adults now. It’s really happening.

Also, I made the leap from a blackberry to an iPhone 3G yesterday while we were getting our cell plan figured out.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go buy 500 apps now.