I’ve heard it’s really important to know yourself.

Here are a few things I know about myself:

  1. I don’t like board games (I have to play until everyone else goes bankrupt?! You can’t be serious, Monopoly.)
  2. My husband sent me 4 text messages over the course of 24 hours to remind me to drop off our rent check last month when he wasn’t home to do it, but I can remember every single line from the movie “Newsies” with remarkable precision.
  3. I have an irrational fear of running out of food.

The last is what concerns me most today.

My fear of running out of food especially pertains to company, which came to light again because Bryan has a friend staying with us all week. If my house (apartment) guest said to me, “hey Mandy, you literally don’t have a single ounce of food in this house, and I’m kind of hungry,” I should calmly look at my options. It’s not the 1800s on the prairie.  I could head to the store and grab some more food. We could even go out to a restaurant and eat something.  Instead, I would be overwhelmed with embarrassment for my singular role in the biggest (at least in my view) human fail ever.

So, this is what I do:

I grab snacks.

I buy breakfast food.

I make snacks.

I make pizza.

All the while, my husband repeats the same phrase over and over: “babe, it’s fine. We have enough. It will be fine.”


For the record, I live within walking distance of four grocery stores. I need to look in the mirror five times a day and say out loud: “this is only a crisis in my mind.” And, news flash, I’m not Martha Stewart. I can’t even hang streamers at the office correctly; I’m pretty sure there are no expectations for me to produce something spectacular.

It’s really is important to know yourself and how you react to certain situations in life.

But seriously…WHAT IF WE RUN OUT OF FOOD?!