As of today, my 20s are starting to blaze the sky with orange. The sun is just starting to set on a crazy decade of my life.

Today I turn 28.

Birthdays don’t make me sad or upset, as they do for some. I believe dread is a bad way to start off your next year of life.

Some years I am relieved to see in my rear-view mirror. Others, I look out in front of me and hope the upcoming year turns out every bit as smooth and beautiful as the one I just finished.

This birthday definitely gets placed in the latter.

Since my last birthday, I:

Married my favorite person in the entire world.

Learned that you throw out holey t-shirts first, answer questions later (Holey articles of clothing not pictured. You’re welcome.)

Got my first stamp in my passport.

Learned of the glory of 21 Choices Frozen Yogurt.

Gained a new and awesome family.

Was reminded that friends and family grow exponentially more wonderful as the years go by.

Learned that long walks with Bryan are good for my soul.

Moved to Pasadena.

Learned that you can survive without a dishwasher (see above).

Learned that I don’t really want to survive without a dishwasher.

Went to Hawaii with my favorite person in the entire world.

Watched my youngest sister graduate from college.

Watched two cousins graduate from high school that I’ve seen through every stage of their wonderful lives.

Learned Bryan and I win any awards for  “awesome shelf installation” or “awesome dresser putting together skills” anytime soon. And by soon, I mean in our lifetime.

Became a preacher’s wife.

As I look back at the last year, I will fondly remember a year full of family, friends and change. Wonderful change. As I look at the road in front of me, I see the sun setting on my 20s.  But I think it’s shaping up to be a beautiful finish.

(Photo credit: wedding photos taken by Brienne Michelle Photography. Anything that doesn’t look like a professional photographer taken by me).