On my list of favorite holidays, July 4th plays second fiddle only to Christmas.

In some ways, July 4th even surpasses Christmas on that list; mostly because Independence Day does not evolve into a chaotic blitz of family and friends.

Around my family, it’s just a day to eat and enjoy being together.

This year, my family headed to Denver (minus my husband who couldn’t make the trip because of work), where my awesome brother and lovely sister-in-law live.

It gets harder and harder as we get older to find a time we can all be together. So this one I’ll cherish for a long time.

You could see fireworks from their apartment balcony.

It’s the first time we’ve all been in one place since my wedding in October. It’s so nice to see people you care about when you have your sanity fully intact. For the record, my sanity was not fully intact when we were all together in October.

This trip gave us some time to relax and also to do some things we enjoy doing together, like watching baseball, playing miniature golf, watching superhero movies (Xmen: First Class is incredible) and eating copious amounts of chips and dip.

This trip also included my brother going skydiving in honor of his upcoming 30th birthday:

And we played Frisbee Golf, for the first time in my life:

(this throw of mine was… slightly off target)

I always feel  so blessed that of all the families I could be born into, I lucked out with this one. I hope everyone had as happy a July 4th as I did.