My last post was on May 18. May 18!

We’ve had quite the stretch over the last month.

That stretch included spending a week in Hawaii and then practically living at my office since returning in order to meet a huge deadline.

You don’t feel bad for me, do you?

We did have a little work to do in Hawaii…and by “we” I mean my husband. He performed the wedding ceremony for a friend he’s known since the fourth grade. As preacher’s wife perks go, I can’t imagine I’ll have a better one. Ever. Which, is a little disheartening since I’m only eight months into this whole preacher’s wife thing.

Do you feel bad for me now? No? Tough crowd.

Here are some photos of our trip, which probably won’t do much to gain sympathy:

I’m back at it here now that I’m human being again and not contemplating purchasing  a cot for my cubicle at work.