In the last week I have:

A. Gone to a Dodger game

B. Made my way to Malibu to see my husband speak at Pepperdine Bible Lectures

C. Seen my cousins’ high school play

D. Seen two of my cousins’ high school plays

E. Survived running the nursery at church

F. Baked cookies

G. Visited my grandparents

H. Celebrated Mother’s Day

I. Celebrated my sister’s birthday

J.  Both D and H (I always hate when tests have options like this)

K.  All of the above

Yes, the correct answer would be K. Whew.

Of particular importance during the week was B. My husband taught a class at Pepperdine Bible Lectures, which was a pretty cool moment professionally for him. He’s attended the lectures since he was a kid, and graduated from Pepperdine.

So, being the faithful, supportive spouse that I am, I chose the difficult road and spent some time in Malibu this week.

It was hard, but you know, a couple of days in Malibu can really build your character.

His class was full of friends and family, there to cheer him on. He did a great job, and it’s also a time for my husband to recharge and hear some phenomenal speakers. I enjoyed the speakers I heard (my husband was my favorite, of course). I’m even starting to think some of the preacher wife jokes that speakers make are actually funny. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a horrifying thing.

This week served as a reminder that we are so blessed to live near many of the people we hold most dear in this life.So even though this week was kind of absurd with busy-ness, it was a week filled with the people we love.

This week will be much tamer…in theory.