Last week I wrote about giving up sweets for Lent and so far, I haven’t given in. I nearly started this post with, “Day 7: it’s dark. All strength has left my body.”

That seemed a touch too much. Instead, I’m writing about getting as close to the edge of sweets as I can without breaking the rules.

Somewhere, God is really proud of me for totally getting the point of Lent. I’m sure of it.

For Bryan and me, “sweets” mostly entails anything we would have for dessert. Our biggest offense is ice cream. But if ice cream is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Amen.

Anyway, I feel like Lent gives me a good excuse to try some sweet options that I would never consider….probably because they are mildly healthy for me or because basically, I don’t get past the ice cream option much.

So, this seemed like a good time to explore those options. When all this is over (and after I get my pizookie on Easter) we might use these for dessert from time to time instead of ice cream. Or, to keep us from having ice cream three or four times a week.

Today, we’ll start with Minty Green Tea granita recipe from Mark Bittman’s cookbook “Food Matters.”

But speaking of mint, look what I found in my freezer yesterday.

Yes, that would be an entire, unopened sleeve of Thin Mints.

I’m going to take a photo of that pack again in on Easter so I can prove to you I resisted temptation. It truly might take a miracle.

Back to the granita. Mark Bittman has taught me just about everything I know about cooking. His “Food Matters” cookbook led me to change my eating habits and with hardly trying, I lost about 20 lbs before my wedding. So, Mark Bittman has special place in my heart since he helped me look remotely decent on my wedding day and giving me the opportunity to fit into a size of jeans I didn’t even know existed. I really love the simplicity of his recipes, and they never fail to be delicious.

And This recipe could not be more simple.

Can you make tea? OK then, you can pull this off.

This minty green tea granita is light, sweet, and has just a touch of tang because of the lemon juice.

Here are the ingredients you need:

Then, just bring the water almost to a boil, and then throw in your three tea bags, and the mint. But first, take the bushel of mint, put it close to your nose and inhale. Be happy.

Once that has steeped for 10 minutes (you could do longer if you wanted to make the tea stronger), strain out the solids. Add the honey and the lemon juice.

Then, stick it in the freezer and let it sit. In the cookbook, it says to scrape the ice every 30 minutes. Mine didn’t start needing to scrape until an hour in.

But two hours later, this is what it looks like:

Light, sweet and refreshing.

And, a much healthier use of mint compared to what else is sitting in my freezer.