Maybe you’ve heard that marriage involves a lot of sacrifice.

Since my marriage has been all of five months, up to this point it’s just been a ton of fun. I don’t feel like I’ve had to make many sacrifices (except for the fact that my avocado consumption is limited because my husband doesn’t like them, which is tragic).

Until today.

For the next 46 days, I am not eating sweets.

First, I’d like to apologize to Rite Aid and 21 Choices frozen yogurt. Your ice cream profits are about to dip dramatically.

My husband and I are part of a church that doesn’t participate in the tradition of Lent, but my husband likes the idea of sacrificing something he loves as a reminder of what we have been blessed with. So much of what we perceive as vital in our lives is often unnecessary. However, I would argue that mint n’ chip ice cream falls on the vital list.

This is my husband’s fourth year giving up sweets for Lent. I decided I wouldn’t be the wife that discourages him from doing a good thing so that I could justify eating ice cream. I was the girlfriend and fiancé that discouraged him so I could keep eating ice cream, but I won’t be the wife. Not this year, at least.

You might think I’m being dramatic, but I have a mom who keeps three bowls of candy constantly filled at her house. This does not begin to approach my grandma, who has several more bowls around her house and used to have an entire DRAWER filled with candy when my mom was growing up. And she always has a freezer full of ice cream for her grandkids, God bless her. My grandma also occasionally eats pie for breakfast. And by occasionally, I mean a few times a week.

So when I say sweets are my life, it’s not a joke, OK?

My stipulation to my husband was that we start and end this process with a pizookie from BJ’s (shown in a horrible photo I took with my Blackberry above). You know in movies when the couple in love have to leave each other for a long time, so they soak up every last second they have together?

That’s how it felt with the pizookie last night;  sweet and a perfect contrast between the chocolate chips and the vanilla ice cream. I enjoyed every second.

Sigh. Fare thee well, sweets.

If in 46 days you hear my husband has been “living somewhere else for a few weeks” you’ll know why.

I’m a much nicer person with ice cream in my life.